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Black venus


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Becoming a Black Woman Millionaire is a revolutionary act. It flies in the face of history. It’s telling history to kiss your Black A$$. Look, sis, do I have permission to tell the truth about why you are not a black woman millionaire—yet? Can I just talk to you, sister to sister? No pretense, no political correctness, just real and raw? (This is going to sound sooooo bad…) I can tell you why your business hasn’t bloomed. Why you stay at a job that is beneath you. Why no matter how hard you work or how many degrees you get, you live paycheck to paycheck... I can tell you the real reason you lie awake at night tired, stressed, and sleepless, because no matter how much you slave at your business or at that job or in that cubicle, you never feel like you are enough or that you make enough… Do you want to know the truth about why you make big moves and big money #iseeyou #makeyourpapergirl but you are “cash-flow poor”—regardless of your high net-worth tax bracket? Then this is the book, the answer, and the salve for hurts you might not even know you’re carrying that directly affect your money. From the streets of Baltimore, to Stanford Ph.D. to (multiple) Black Woman Millionaire, Dr. Venus takes you by the hand and walks you through the spiritual landmine of our “cultural consciousness” that show up in your money so you can defy your impossible to become a 7-Figure sister. This daring and ruthlessly compassionate book sheds an unapologetic light on the impact Slavery has had on Black Women’s sense of self in terms of money. Mixing intimate personal stories, searing truth, and emotionally healing action items to start immediately healing money wounds, this book is a must-have for sisters who know they have a destiny to fulfill. Part memoir, part personal-transformation, and part business development, The Black Woman Millionaire serves as a street-smart salve for Black Women to heal their brokenness, so they don't have to spend their lives broke—regardless of income level. Edgy, instructional, and inspirational, this book will teach you how to emancipate yourself—emotionally, spiritually, and financially—so that you alter the financial future of your bloodline.


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