Anxiety (3e edition)

Anxiety (3e edition)


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This is the THIRD EDITION of the Book. As the 95%, 5 Star-book reviews reveal, Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures (SAC) is unique, as it offers concrete, step-by-step methods to self-cure stuttering, a disease that doctors and speech therapists continue to insist is "incurable" — all written by an author who cured himself and has helped many others self-cure. Proof that his methods work is provided by the Success Stories that are posted monthly on Speech Anxiety Anonymous' (SAA's) website (the author's charity, which he alone funds, where self-cured stutterers help others stop stuttering, no charge). This SAC-3rd Edition provides a very real, living, breathing, human story of the author's 25-year battle to overcome stuttering (as a young attorney who couldn't say his own name in court). As a bonus, it shares all that the author has learned from his 5,000 Followers on Facebook, virtually all of whom are people who stutter (PWS), many of whom communicate constantly with the author. By late 2018, the author had already done over 2,500 free, coaching sessions with PWS, and he continues to do 25-30 coaching-sessions every week, all free. He began streaming some of his daily coaching sessions live in 2018, and the 700+ videos posted by late 2018 had 25,000+ views on his YouTube and online channels. Anyone who stutters, or who suffers speech-anxiety in any form, should read this unique book and contact the author (at and launch their own self-cure. If you pop SAC's cover and read "What Readers Say", you will see proof that SAC gives the tools that can end speech anxiety, worldwide, forever. Don't miss it.


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